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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ranting Of The Day

I've nothing to rant much about.

Basically my life is super-routinely.

Is there a word like this?

Don't care. >_<

As long as you understand how routine-ly like my life is, that's it.

Haven't recieve my pay yet.

So I can't be too easy with my cash on hand. Sigh~

And I so feel like buying Kate's line spicy eyeshadow!!!

I've their GD-1, PK-1, Pu-1, and BR-3.

I want BR-2, but seems like it has been discontinued. I'll try to get it online. :D Online shopping is a life saver!

Should I get BR-1? I have too many brown and gold eyeshadows. >_<

bah. Back to work. Awaiting for lunch hours.

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