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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ken'ichi Matsuyama , L. Lawliet

Wee!!! After being absent from the cinema for like a month or two, I finally manage to watch...

Death Note 3: L Change The World!

Happy happy super uberly happy!

And no, I'm not going to do any spoiler. But I suppose you guys know the whole story already. :) Save the fun for those who haven't watch.

Honestly, I really really like L much much more than Light.

Those piercing eyes which seems to read your mind, the way he picks thing up ever so delicately with two fingers, the way he put his right thumb near his mouth when he's thinking (really like a kid!), his very weird way of sitting, and his funny little quirks here and there.

Quite unusual, oppose to the so-normal Light.

Anyway, what I like best is his eyes.

Mesmerizing. I can remember it ever so vividly in my sleep.

he looks better with just a slight goatee <3

looks more macho, but I prefer him being fresh and clean

That's Kenichi Matsuyama for you guys.

Google or Wiki him up if you wanna know more.

I've done mine. Tee hee.

Another guy in my list! <3

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