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Thursday, April 24, 2008


i talk loud.
i wanna be heard.
i don't wanna be somebody going unheard all the time.

i laugh loud.
i wanna be noticed.
i don't wanna be somebody going unnoticed.

i show my temper.
i wanna be known.
i don't wanna be bullied all the time.

i dress up.
i wanna be seen as perfect.
i don't wanna be somebody who is ugly all the time.

i tell you.
i want you to know.
i'm a human.
i yearn for what i don't have.

stop telling me i'm doing okay all the time.
stop pushing me around.
stop making me doing things that you should be doing yourself.
stop telling me how angry you are but not doing a single thing about it.

life don't work that way.
i just wish complaining would make bad things go away.


Anonymous said...

blip blip its time for a commercial!

acuvue : start looking at life comfortably. for star trek for comfort for major crap! haha i jus love doing this ;)

cheer up :D

心。葵 said...


follown izzit? :P

oh well, life's life.

a bit of a grumble brightens up everyday! it's too boring of not grumbling. where got ppl dun complain de?