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Sunday, May 18, 2008


So much in my mind. So much to write about. So much to sort it all out. So many things that happens so fast till I don't know where to start.

I still can't believe I actually finished my 4 years of studies. Everything seems surreal.

April 2004, I stepped into MMU as a freshie in Alpha FCM. I loved it very much. I had really nice friends and great company most of the time. There were lots of social activities and lots of new gained freedom and lots of university activities. Of course, no matter how good it is, there's still some really wicked times. I missed it. The time of exploration and everything new.

June 2005, it was Beta year. A big change happen. I changed faculty. I start anew. Everything was new again. Subjects, friends, lifestyle. Everything. I notice I was doing better in Management. Yeah, I'm glad I made the change. And I made really great friends with the girls I met! Life is lovely and of course again, with ups and downs, but overall, I was happier.

June 2006, Gamma year. I settled down. Catch up with studies. Life goes on. Involve in loads of activities. Life was productive. People management and time management and sel management is crucial for this year, as I'm involve in activities. I learnt a lot. Being firm is the best thing to do most of the time. Going soft kills a lot.

June 2007, Delta year. Final year. I retire from all activities. I just wanted to enjoy my last year without any extra responsibilities. Life was carefree. I had nothing else to worry other studies, myself, and internship. Working gave me great exposure to the awful nature in humans. The awful office politics. The awful way of working life. Life is ever so realistic and materialistic than what I can imagine. Self protection is needed everytime. No matter how close you are with a colleague. Because you never know whether is he or she a two headed snake. Well, just be careful if you wanna survive in this world.

June 2008, I'm done with my studies. So this is why this post is up.

Again, there's so many things on my mind. I'm afraid. I'm scared. Life has always been more or less smooth sailing for me, and now I ventured into the unknown. Making choices which I don't know is it right or not. But I don't regret it.

No pain no gain. Nothing ventured nothing gain. I suppose life's suppose to be like this.

Life will be happy. :)


guess who! said...

afraid? scared? aiyo it's exciting times ahead la. all that office politics and self defence mechanism aside, rem to listen to your conscience.

but eh i doubt the "soOoOOoO cute" hello kitty freak would heartlessly eat ppl up hahaa :D :P

心。葵 said...



conscience helps, but only that much...

hello kitty MIGHT just eat ppl heartlessly up... who knows? :P