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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of All Cute and Girlie Stuff!

You know, I'm considering of shifting my whole blog somewhere else. :D

Somewhere that's not wordpress, not blogspot, not xanga, not any of these sites!

Might be. Still considering.

Judging on the number of people who linked me to their blog.

Well then, off to the main topic!

Today's my first job in Wired Outpost, a subsidiary company of Sanrio Digital.

Sanrio, ring a bell? Any ideas about this company? Like what it does and stuff?






Hello Kitty

Now do you know???

This name, along with the white little kitten, with a pinkish red ribbon on her right ear, the yellow button nose, black round eyes, has been around for like 30 years, since the 1970s.

Along with her family and friends, and a whole lot of Sanrio's characters, my god, there's a lot to explore! And there's so many things that I didn't know about Hello Kitty and the gang!

When I went to check out Sanrio's official website, I was dumb founded!

There's like 50 or more of super cute-sy characters, and not just Hello Kitty alone!!!

And the ones we know and appear in Malaysia before is like only a small fraction of it! The rest, never reach Malaysian shores?

Really! It's a waste! >_<

Because they are soOoOoOoooOooo CUTE!!!!

And we always wonder why Japanese girls are crazy of Hello Kitty and friends.

Super cute!!!

I can't stop saying that!!!

I seriously wanna grab a whole lot of them and put it in my room!!!

Maybe my PC too!

I am not exactly a big fan of Hello Kitty, but seriously, I have to admit, it's really cute.

When you look at Hello Kitty, she reminds me the love for things that are cute and simple. I have always adore cute little stuff, princess-y stuff, things that are girlie, sweet and nice, but as I grew older, these things no longer exist in my life. Everything was replace by things that are on the minimalist side, simple shapes, simple patterns, black and white, browns and greys, neutral colours all the way, you get my drift.

I've always believe in that being a professional person, everything should be kept simple. Dreamy girlie stuff are best put aside. But then again, it's difficult. You know, being a girl. :D

So off and on I buy really cute stuff. Like the chocolate- theme mirror and chocolate-theme medicine pill box! Really cute! And maybe, Hello Kitty stuff? But still haven't find something I really like from them. The range of products available here is just too little.

But thank god for online shopping now! :D

Should go searching already!

And again, go visit Sanrio's character page, you will definitely like it!!!

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