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Monday, June 16, 2008

The 8 Tags

I wasn't tagged, but for the fun of it, I will do it.

Not that I care what you people think anyway.

8 things I am passionate about:

1. Shopping

It's a never ending cycle. I love shopping. Online or offline. Hee... And I got a major haul yesterday. So fun! Black coat from Dorothy Perkins, strip coat from Nichii, La Senza bras, cotton-y skirt from Nichii, and um, what else? Hauls from online shopping! The list is too darn long!

2. Internet & PC

I love my PC, although it's old and sometimes giving me problems, but nevertheless, it works just fine! From net browsing to online shopping to listening to music to watching anime/drama/movies to 3D rendering to setting up a website to creating a game or whatever bloody assignments, it never fails me. Except the occasional PC hanging itself to death or some minor problem. See, I LOVE MY PC SO MUCH for all the wonder it does! Oh and of course, the PC is useless without the Internet. So let me re-phrase myself, I LOVE MY PC & INTERNET FOR ALL THE WONDER IT DOES!

3. Makeup

It links with number 1, shopping. I love makeup! I spend a lot of money on it, to the extend which I think it's crazy! I keep buying when I know I have too many of a same or similar colour, but then I just can't stop! >_< Nevermind, for the sake of being pretty. The colours are never the same anyway, just similar. But the texture's different, the colour combo is different, packaging is different, brand is different... the stuff I tell myself in order to get another brand new item...

4. My Skin

I spend lots of time trying to make my skin look better. From cleansers to facial mask, if I think it's good, I'll give it a try. A good excuse for shopping aye! I usually stick to the brands which have served me well and hardly change. Might be changing the ones I am using now when I am older. You have to know when it's good to change and when it's not good to change. Naturally beautiful skin will always win a super-made-up-natural-looking-skin. It's what I believe.

5. My Hair

I am a freak when it comes to my hair. I have long hair for like 10 years, and I love every inch of them. I try to pamper them with the best, as a girl's crowning glory, it should deserve nothing more than the best TLC I can give!

6. Bags

To date, I have so many bags till I lost count. =_=" I love bags. More than I love clothings and shoes. Maybe it's because I always have a hard time getting my size. Being fat is not good. >_< Having small feet is not good. Bags is a part of my accessory, and I like the fact that bags which I look good wearing are not hard to find! :D Plus it's cheap! Wahahahahaha! Shopping is fun!

7. Accessories

Anything. Earrings. Bracelets. Rings. Necklaces. Anything. You name it. I bound to have it stash in my boxes and drawers of accesorries. I collect, but I hardly use them, due to my lazy nature. But be warned, when I am feeling dressy, I am very dressy!

8. Myself

Life's not fun when you don't even feel passionate about yourself! You are the one and only one in this world, so we should always try our very best to feel good about ourselves! Don't be sad or whatever it is, life is fun if only you love yourself more. :D

8 thing I say or type too often:

1. yor
2. sien de
3. =_="
4. ya meh?
5. sure or not?
6. okok
7. blek
8. sei chun

8 books I've read recently:

other than daily dose of newspapers and monthly dosage of magazines, the last book I've ever read was the whole 7 books of Harry Potter in 1 weeks time.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

1. SHE's songs
2. Jay's songs
3. Angela Aki - Kiss Me Goodbye
4. James Blunt - You're Beautiful
5. Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul
6. Tank - 专属天使
7. Tank - 懂了
8. Bonz - Arigatou

8 things I learnt for the past year:

1. be yourself and you will be happier.
2. when you are yourself, people might not like it.
3. being a hypocrite makes people hate you even more than when you are being yourself.
4. shopping is fun when you have money.
5. to accept yourself is better than trying to mould yourself being somebody you like or envy.
6. good opportunities can become bad if it didn't come at the right time.
7. believe in yourself and don't regret the mistake or decisions that have been made. it serves no purpose.
8. life is easier to handle if you are at peace with yourself.

8 people I would like to tag:

Anyone who wants to do this. And Hwei, you should be doing this. 烧鸡翼!!!


keropok face said...

i will pretend i never read your tat i wouldnt be tagged.

fishing away now.


心。葵 said...

keropok, do it!!!!

don't be so lazy!!!