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Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking Out

Decided to try my best ditch my body issue problems.


yeah. you heard me.

because why should be thinking so much of what other people think of me?

last friday after lunch, cindy, hwei and me was getting back to the office when we passed by a boutique in Gardens.

i am working in Midvalley, so I go walking around in Midvalley like it's my home. the fun working in a shopping area!

like as though i am earning big bucks. >_<

anyway, as I was saying, we were passing by this really fancy boutique, and these words came flowing out of my mouth

"the clothes so nice, but wear on me sure don't look nice."

then hwei snapped back.
eh, if you have self confidence, wear what also nice la.

horrifyingly true. cindy supported the statement too.

why why why, when I more or less have confidence in almost everything I do, become like a dead girl who's always sulking just because she don't have the ideal figure and ideal face to live with? fascinating. human beings, especially girls.

what to do. that's what society think anyway. most of the time.

i'm not going to be confined by what society thinks. it's time i break that bloody circle of what is defined is pretty/beautiful/handsome/perfect.

being perfect, is just trying to cover up bloody flaws and mistakes.

why are we demanding more and more improvements?

because perfection just don't exist.


keropok face said...

eh, my name agian.
i shud charge you everytime my name appear.


心。葵 said...

dun la like this :P
u very good de ma~

Hooi Ting said...

so envy u ...
midvalley jz like ur home

心。葵 said...

aiyo, ht u can work here also de ma
den mah become ur home lor :P