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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I really want to go traveling, ever since the first day I started working.

Bali, Bangkok, Japan, Taiwan, London, Venice...the list goes on and on...


Duh. The reason's obvious.

I am spending MY OWN money!

How fun right?

I do all my own planning, all the budgeting and everything, and the best of all?

I don't need to answer to anyone to where I wanna go, wanna eat or wanna shop!

Because it's MY money! :D

Now I understand fully what my dad said "Wait till you earn your own living, then you don't even want to come home anymore."

I agree the part with earn-your-own-living-thing, but NO, i seriously don't agree with the second half.

Being a working adult, if I may say so, makes me yearn for home even more. I just want to go home everytime Friday comes but everytime I can't because it's bloody tiring to travel back on my own. I can't stand public transport much longer! But I shall prevail! Public transport stuff shall be blogged about in another post.

Daddy, you see, I want to go home. I miss my PS2. >_<


Of course, I miss my daddy too.

And pisang goreng. it's the best that you can ever find!

And roti canai.

And roti bakar.

And nasi lemak.

And my big big bed.

And the tv.

And uh...

The shower heater?


Lame, I know. But I don't care.

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