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Monday, July 28, 2008


And another weekend goes by.

How was your weekend?

Went out partying?

Pigging out?


Catching up on movies/dramas/animes?


Hm... I had a very un-productive weekend. I have been productive for the whole week, so I think I am allowed with a wee bit more of a relaxed weekend?

I had a late night movie with friends on Friday night, Red Cliff. Kinda boring. Maybe the seat was a bit too much in front than what I prefer so I am a little annoyed. Got up at 7-ish on Saturday for a little swim/ dip in the pool with my ex-colleagues. :D Had breakfast/lunch at McD, chatted and then off I went to slumberland due to the lack of sleep.

And there goes... 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm...

Got up, on the PC, browse for a while, bath and got my butt out of the room at 7pm. Dinner time. Chatted like non-stop till 10+. >_< Ugh, my throat's dry. Head back home. Sleep.

Got up like 12+ on Sunday. Laze around before had lunch around 1+. Then idle around, watch tv and i-don't-remember-what-else-I-did things, it was already 11+ and time for bed.

Basically, I spend my whole weekend sleeping.

I didn't do my laundry. Shucks. I will do it tonight.

I didn't watch my drama. Do it tonight also.

I didn't watch my anime. Do it tonight.

I didn't clean up my HDD. Do it tonight also.

See, told you my weekdays are productive! And it's only Monday.

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