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Friday, July 04, 2008

Sick Crazy Perverts - SCPs

At times, I wonder...


If education is used to educate people, then please,


If your brain is still intact on your head instead of it being at your butt, then stop touching women when you are not supposed to!

It's not just STOP TOUCHING,




Seriously, it's really annoying, really irritating, really disappointing to read on the newspapers and listen on the news, cases and cases where men, whether young or old, raping or molesting women, and little girls and old ladies are not spared either!

What's wrong with your mind, you crazy men out there?

To satisfy yourself, you take it out on us women. You don't give a damn about their feelings, their future and their lives. All you care is about yourself. YOU GREEDY SELFISH IGNORANT MAN!

How can you? Destroying everything they have just for the sake of your what, 30 minutes pleasure? Can you call that "pleasure"? When you think back, can you even smile and say, "Well, it was fun, wasn't it?" Lunatics will say "YES, IT WAS FUN, I SHOULD GO DO MORE", but I'm sure, A LOT OF YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE AREN'T CRAZY, YOU ARE SANE, AND YET YOU DO IT!

The worst part is incest! Fathers or uncles or relatives raping or molesting their kids! You see that almost everyday in newspapers and on the news, how upsetting it is! Why do you want to do it to your kids? Just because they are easily available? You should be protecting them, not harm them! How are they going to go on with their life with you sick bastards painting their life black?

It's not about whether you are educated or not, it's just plain common sense that it's wrong to do such things! Religious teachings, (not that I'm one who's faithful towards it, but I do know about it) never agrees in anyway that human beings should be treated this way. Never. Even if you don't have a religion (like me), it doesn't really matter.

Because you just know certain things can be done and some things SHOULD NEVER BE DONE. YOU KNOW IT DEEP INSIDE YOUR HEART, BUT YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT!

Sick Crazy Perverts (SCPs), that is what makes you.

I'm pissed. Very pissed. I've been pissed about this long time. It was always in a draft mode, never published. Don't ask why now, I just feel I should.

Women out there, protect yourself and your little girls. If anything like this happens, voice it out. Fight back. Be strong.

All Some men are just jerks. Be gone. Die. I don't care.


Cyndi said...

I totally support this post of yours! You say it out right for our women! I don't understand why men cannot control themselves and end up we are their victims. And worse still, religious people are slamming us girls for wearing inappropriate clothes! Why don't they spend the time to educate men on how to behave themselves instead? Women are worrying about their safety every seconds nowadays. Even boyfriends and male family members don't guarantee that they are safe to be with.God damn those perverts.

心。葵 said...

hi Cyndi!

i know bout the issue that someone that's quite well known saying that girls are using school uniforms and wearing revealing clothes to seduce men, or something like that. But because I don't remember the exact quote and source, I don't wanna put it in here. >_< We have freedom of speech in malaysia but not exactly. only certain issues we have freedom of speech, but certains issues, it's a taboo. Bleh, lousy rules n laws. >_< Can't even protect ppl.

i know the syariah (i think) mentioned that if a woman is being rape, she need 4 eye witnesses to prove it. wtf right?

it's useless to rely on ppl, so have to stay strong and be more careful.

you also must take care too ya! :) dun let those crazy perverts take advantage!!!! show them we girls are not weaklings! YAY!!!

心葵 @ plue

Cyndi said...

LOL is it true that the women need 4 witnesses to prove that she got raped? LOL! wtf they are thinking about. if they have witnesses, they would not get raped in the first place! I dont understand why all these people is thinking. We are humans too, women needs to be protected too!

心。葵 said...

hi cyndi~

i heard bout it from my dad and thru newspapers, but was quite some time back la...

as u know, certain religion *ahem* regards women as the weaklings and the males the stronger ones. so a lot of things, the rules and laws dun really favour the weaker ones. :)

that is what i think la. i am not 100% sure, but it's the way i see things. maybe i am not open minded enuff or am biased, but well, i think most ppl think that way. i think.

i dowan kena sue by gov! haha! :P

心葵 @ plue