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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spoiled Weekend

This is an ANGRY post. Beware of A LOT of unwanted words flying around!

When I got home yesterday from work, feeling all happy because I got a new skirt for work, I went to my dressing table, wanting to get hold of my Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo mascara and lo and behold...


And to add on to my bewilderment, my Fasio Power Stay 3D + Air Tech and my ZA Cutie Curl mascara has gone missing too!!!

And to top it off, ALL 3 MASCARAS ARE BRAND NEW!!!


I was like screaming my heads off (actually it's just pulling my hair and squinting my eyes, no noise, I don't encourage noise pollution), because 1. it's brand new, 2. my dad bought me the fasio mascara(he never buys me cosmetics), 3. MJ is not available in Malaysia and I have to buy it online!

Buying online means waiting. Long time waiting. And Fasio is not easy to get, their black mascaras are always Out Of Stock. ZA i am not feeling so bad for it, I've used like 2 tubes, so I am still quite cool.

Anyway, that's not the point! I am so pissed is because I haven't use it and I treasure my stuff really much! I bought them using my own money! I know it's not a big deal, but for me, it is! >_<

By the way, 1 or 2 months back my Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Leave in Conditioner when missing too! I thought I was being careless and misplaced it, but now, I think it isn't me being careless!

I have a tendency to place my things into categories, like blushers, hair products, mask according to it's functions, eyeshadows in singles and in palettes etc, basically everything is categorized and is placed accordingly. My cosmetics especially, are never placed anywhere else other than on my dressing table.

And the best part is, I have 3 other brand new mascaras, Fasio Hyper Stay Digi Colour, Kiss Me in Volume and Long Lash, I've always placed them together with the missing ones, but weird, only that 3 particular went missing, but the others are still intact. I never put my mascaras all over the place. It's a hassle to find them when I want to use it.

So conclusion is, is there a thief in my house stealing small items or my things just decided to walk out on me or my things decided to take a walk on it's own without letting me know?

I am bloody sure I have been careful with my things and how I placed them. I am fussy and have good memories about where I store my most precious/ treasure stuff. To the extend, people can call me crazy.

No matter what, it just spoils my whole weekend.

Shopping therapy. But I'm dead broke.


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