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Monday, August 04, 2008

Counting Down... 4 Days More...

It's a Monday.

Counting down to my convocation on Saturday.

It feels so weird.

I went there in 2004 April. 4 years spent studying there. And now, with new buildings and facilities which I got to use only a small fraction of it, I am saying goodbye.

I don't quite miss MMU. But I miss the life there.

Yeah, some people complaint of being stuck in a boring desert and no Chinese food. But hey, make do with what you have! When I was here initially, I have no car, not that I have one now, but making friends and hanging out with them makes life goes by much easier, and of course happier. It's not boring. My social life got widened because I decided that getting out with friends, joining societies and events is what makes like less miserable, apart from exams and assignments. Boring life in MMU, is something that THOSE WHO ARE SO LAZY TO MOVE THEIR BUTT complains. Go out, mix with a few people, try joining some societies and events, and you wouldn't wanna say life is boring. You have to take the first step! Don't say boring when you did not nothing but complain! That's what we call GET A LIFE!

Well, food wise, can't be helped. Since it's quite a Malay area, so no Chinese food is normal. But there's food catering service. So you can get some Chinese food there. And YM messages are always spreading around. So don't be ignorant and complain! All you need to do is just ask around!

Internet is available, but a bit slow, but there are loads of great stuff available in the intranet, and you can get them in really high speed! I spend quite an amount of time in my hostel room by just surfing the Net, getting whatever is available and browsing through forums setup by MMU students! And hey, weekends pass by real quickly!

If you want to drive, you can rent. Not very pricey, but at least you get to go out. And there's bus services too. Although crappy. But better than nothing. If you are willing to be patient, you can go out to town and have fun!

Seriously, if you ask me, those who always say Cyber is boring is because you don't have friends that "click" with you there. You don't have companions. You don't have anyone to share the fun with. Or you are simply just plain lazy. Because you refuse to get to know more people, spend a small amount of free time joining societies and events, and all you do is just cooped up in the room and start complaining Internet is slow. WTF! Internet ain't cheap, and for what you are paying to stay in hostel, just be grateful. I am not saying it's the best, but at least comparing with other universities, it's not as bad as you think. :)

I've been there for 4 years. I don't regret. I think I've enjoyed every single bit of it. I've made great friends in societies and events and forums and I thank myself for it. I made that initiative you see. :P


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