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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Graduation!

Thursday. Tomorrow would be the day I had my rehearsal last week.

I DID NOT enjoy the rehearsal. Not that seeing old friends in the same university is not a joyous thing, but the hassle and frustration, ugh... you just don't feel happy. AT ALL.

Signboard was confusing. Robe collection should be upstairs while robe registering should be downstairs. But the bloody signboard was pointing robe collection at the robe registering room!! So then me and Winnie thought register the robe upstairs, then head down to collect it.

And we were wrong. VERY WRONG.

After squiggling and wriggling our way to the supposedly-robe-registering-room, we then only found out that room was for robe collection! Gasp! I was like swearing and cursing all the way! So I quickly cool down, thinking of a way to get things done.

What else? Me and Winnie split up. She go line up again for robe collection, while I grab her ID and head straight to the robe registration room. I managed to line up with a few friends so we had a little chat. :D The long line was moving at a decent speed so I didn't wait very long. :) Thank god! And once completed, I rushed to Winnie and squeeze my hand through the door, just in time to hand her the ID and stuff before it's her turn to get the robes.

But this ain't the worst. The worst part was the process of getting the student ID activated. My god, the queue was crazy and people had no manners at all! Everyone just squeeze and went wild like it's some concert without bothering about anything or anyone. It's worst than trying to get on a KTM! I got my hand bruised because of some people who just try to crammed through the door without lining up! I was furious and I can't stand it anymore. Why should I be so civilized and let people do what they want? So I became one of them and fight my way through the crazy crowd. Not really a good thing, I know, but hey, you would have done that if you want to get other stuff done!

And then that's the end of it. Crazy Friday with crazy people. Yes, you crazy MMU people. >_< And I am one of them.

Anyway, I received my scroll on Saturday and I am finally a graduate!!!

I didn't take a lot of pictures that day. I don't feel sorry at all. Just a few pictures with my close friends and family is more than enough. I don't wanna go camwhoring in a hot sunny day in a freaking dark heavy robe. No thank you.

And MMU still owe me my money. I will be waiting patiently for the refund.

Till then, happy graduation to myself!

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