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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wet Tuesday


a wet one.

morning was sunny. too sunny till i feel weird.

i had a hunch that it will rain.

a big one.

and yes. i am damn right.

it rained so bloody heavily in the afternoon that i got a wee bit wet because i had no umbrella with me when i went out lunch with hwei.

and we got lost. in the car park. ha ha. funny.

2 girls walking around in the car park searching for the exit like chicken with no eyes. 发鸡盲。 heard of it? now you do.

lunch was good. sandwich was yummy. the portion was big. i love my scrambled eggs. and it's healthy. :)

got my magazine and i intend to buy more. :D

countdown to hanoi trip.


rainingheaven said...

let's just hope it doesn't rain at hanoi as well.. imagine us walking around in raincoats and umbrellas in the pictures..
so not nice at all.

心。葵 said...

pray for no rain la. if not i can cry. i heard the weather is pretty unstable. and bring warm stuff for the night. darn, i got no long pants for tido.