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Saturday, September 06, 2008

East VS West - The Same Difference

I'm not blogging about Hanoi. I'm not finished with the editing of pictures. :D So you shall wait.

In the mean time, let me rant. I've been wanting to rant about this quite some time back.

When I was in school, regardless whether I am in secondary or in university, the cool and in thing is the WESTERN style. Seriously, from makeup to fashion to music to everything, Western style beats Asian style in almost all ways.

And those people who are deemed as "cool", swear by the Western style of everything. They think Japanese and Taiwanese style is not-as-good and are of lower status than them. I know not all people think that way, but most of them do. If this offends you, then don't read this post anymore. I'm serious here.

I have always like the Japanese and Taiwanese style more than Western style, no idea why, but just so happen. Even makeup and skincare, I like them better too. Why? I just find that it suits me better than Western stuff.

Actually I like both styles because they are different in their own ways but yet beautiful in their own way. I see no point why some people belittling the Eastern style. I know those Sg. Wang Jappies/ Taiwanese wannabes spoils the whole scene because of I-can't-explain-but-is-just-weird look, but overall it isn't too bad when those who really dress up like a real Japanese and Taiwanese gives a real sense of class to the style.

I don't like it when people make those poses showing puppy eyes and the usual stuff you see in forums/facebook/friendster/magazines etc... I know it's cute, but ugh... 100 pictures of you being in that pose? Please!!! Is there any other pose you can do? Do you have anything else better to do than to camwhore and show the whole world how cute/pretty/beautiful you are?

Maybe this is the reason why quite a number of people don't like the style, particularly because of the photos and dressings and makeup style. For those who embraces the Western, you aren't any better. You think you are all high and mighty and thinks those who are Chinese educated are shallow and stuff. Mind you, you aren't that good too because of your mindset. I've encountered people like these in my university years and I am totally put off by them. I think they don't quite like me either. Anyway, not that I care now, it's just plain stupid. To judge people like that when they don't share your taste in music, fashion or lifestyle.

I think everything is fair and square. East or West, it's up to you. Why give people the weird look when they don't favour the East better or vice versa? (The weird look usually happens to people who prefers Chinese pop music than Western music. Weird but true.) Does it matter if you just want to be friends? Does it matter if she/ he is your girlfriend/ boyfriend? Do you even need to feel that the West is superior than the East?

Ugh... Don't laugh or say I am shallow, people. What I am writing is just merely my experience with people. Because I like the Eastern music better than the West and I get this look and people who thinks I am just those Chinese-y wannabes.

To be honest, I'm blessed with fats all around my face and body, I'm blessed with one single eyelid and another is a hidden eyelid which results to one big eye and another smaller eye, I'm blessed with height (163 cm tall or short?), I'm blessed with freckles and pores and oily skin and pimples, good and bad skin days, I'm blessed with good and bad hair days, I'm blessed with imperfections.

And though I grumble and moan about it everyday, I don't really want to alter it and make myself more Western looking or change my preference in stuff to suit what others think. I think there's nothing wrong in liking Chinese pop music, Japanese style of dressing or makeup style. It's nothing wrong for you to like the Western style either. It doesn't hurt me. So does my preference hurt you?

And you people who are always thinking that you are high and mighty because you have better sense of style and taste in everything, you really are a bitch or a bastard.

I don't change because people wants me to. I change because I want to.

And to change for bitches and bastards who don't have brains or didn't use enough of their brains, that's just plain stupid.


Jad [Alt] Kaizer said...

East or West, doesn't matter either.

Besides, both sides also copied the culture elements of each other, sometimes you see the East copying the West, sometimes it's the otherwise. So it doesn't matter much anyway.

What matters most is my eyes, or for the greater good, everyone's eyes. It's pure horrid to my eyes when I look at those 'langgar face' who failed badly at the cause of 'upholding their favorite style', by conducting a nuclear experiment on their face and body. Eugh, my poor, poor eyes.

(Even looking at the Arabian woman who draped herself fully in a black robe like Darth Vader isn't that bad to look at, HAHA)

So, people - please choose the style that SUITS you, not the style that you thought in your mental image that you think is 'beautiful' when in reality, it's the opposite. ~_~

心。葵 said...

Hey Kaizer!

Nice to see you lurking around! :p

I agree with you with what you said, but not sure with the others though. Whatever style it is, as long as you respect others' decisions, it's fine. Just don't go belittling every other culture or whatever you deem not right.

That's so uncool. :)