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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spamming Emails

Political issues are now hovering all over the newspapers.

Yes. I read the newspapers. Everyday. And I don't miss a single issue. because my job requires me to monitor the newspapers everyday and do reports (somewhat) to the seniors.


With the chinese-squatter issue and September 16, the political scene is just chaotic.

Messy. Terrible. And we say Malaysia is a peaceful country with a stable economy and political scene. Bullshit. Not anymore. Those were the days.

And seriously, is the economy really stable all these while? Is the political scene stable all these while? How sure are you? A lot of things happened behind our backs, and well, we just sit there and think, "yeah, this is a good country."

I don't say it's bad. But definitely there's plenty of room for improvement.

Anyway, this is not the main point.

What I wanted to say is, STOP SPAMMING MY EMAILS!

I don't care if the petrol station is owned by Ahmad **** or the nasi ***** people are agreeing to a certain statement made by a certain someone or what, but this gives you NO RIGHT to spam my emails to tell me to boycott them!

Yes, you bloody heard me!

So what if you boycott them? You think everyone will do it? Imagine if your car is running out of petrol and that's the only nearest petrol station before your car can't even move, you think for the sake of boycotting or holding your principals you will NOT pump the petrol there?

I don't think so.

You won't want to walk or leave your car there to get petrol from somewhere else just because you want to boycott them. It's too inconvenient.

Why want to inconvenient yourself? That's stupid, isn't it?

And for the food, you want to boycott it even though it's your favourite place to eat? Are you sure that ALL nasi ***** shops agree to that certain statement made by a certain someone?

If you boycott them just because that damn email told you so, it means YOU ARE NOT THINKING!

Where did your brain go?

Not everyone agrees to it, certainly. So why involve the innocent?

Thick twice before you act. Even if you want to boycott, make sure you do it right.

The Chinese have better things to do or better goals to achieve than reading emails and then do what the emails says before thinking.

I think all Malaysians have brains. And please use it to improve the country.

Regardless of who are the owners of the land or who are squatters.

In the end, it's still the place we call home.

Note: It's not that I agree with the statement made by someone, but I find it stupid to say such things especially when you are someone on the top. I am not too happy about it either, but by acting rashly will make things even worse. If this post anger you, please don't expect me to say I am sorry. I will not. And neither I will take this down. So please before spamming my emails with this kind of emails, please do think twice. I find these emails amusing but super irritating when I get like 20 or 30 of them each day.

Good luck with the crazy act!

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