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Monday, September 08, 2008

Wall. E and Eve

After quite a while of busying here and there, I finally get to go to the movies.



I like this scene so much that I didn't want to use the official poster of WALL.E.

It's such a simple story.

So simple it touched my heart and made me cry.

The simplicity.

The warm moments.

The interaction between Wall.E and Eve. And of course, the friendship (i think) between the robots that were thought to be nuts.

I like the way Eve laugh at Wall.E. Her eyes. It's funny, but so ladylike. The "heeeheeeheee" sound.

Wall.E, he reminds me of the silliness that girls like but men sometimes just forget.

All in all, I like Wall.E.

Like, is an understatement.

Me love Wall.E. and Eve. The simplicity of it.

If life is that simple.

Wall.Eeeeee. Eeee....Vaaaa... ^_^


iamgrape1119 said...

I still haven't see that movie...I need to though! I've heard nothing but raves! BTW, I really love your blog! Keep up the great work!

心。葵 said...

thanks for the comment!

do go watch the movie, it's really sweet. :)

and thanks for dropping by!

see ya around!


Cyndi said...

I totally understand your post. Wall.e is those bf that a girl wants but guys tend to think those stuffs are silly and wasting time. I love wall.e. heart touching =)

心。葵 said...

yeah, it is. sweet ler. me heart it. ^_^