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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was stucked in a jam on Sunday.

2 1/2 hour trip became a 5 hour long journey. All thanks to the little towns with small little roads, and of course, the ever-so-friendly POLICE.

Oh well, I got back to KL in one piece. That is all that matters. :)

I am looking forward to my next holiday back home!


And oh, I am busy with my review blog, so I hardly update here unless something wicked comes up and I need to talk about it.

Other than that, you don't see me much here. :P

Though I do come back and write. But I hate writing lame stuff. So boring. :p

And oh, I dreamt of the same guy again.

But this time the scene is at my house. The very last room in the house.

Again, he was sweet and charming. And the voice. *faints* He's so cute!

But then someone just had to barge right in when we both were getting very close. *ahem ahem* censored.

And he asked the guy who barge right in and said "你是以什么身份进来房间?" loosely translated as "Who are you and why do you barge right in?" Ah~ The voice. So manly. *faints again*

And I shoo that guy out.

End of story dream.

It'd be great to be dreaming of him again. ^_^

He's too cute!

And I am bloody sure this is a sign! But of what? Ah~~~ *grabs hair and wails*


wwsoh said...

now i know wat was ur dream liao...

心。葵 said...


Chian Li said...

Wow I thought I am the only one who dreams of stuff like that! haha!
I felt a little bad thought cuz I do have a bf but I'm dreaming of some other prince charming and not him -__-"

心。葵 said...

Hee! I dream of a lot of other people than just the bf! :P

Muahahahaha~ I love to dream. Living in my own fantasy :P