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Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Finally, after all those nerve wrecking moment, I am done with my performance appraisal.

The greatest relief in my entire life! Apart from those moments where I am waiting for exam results :P

Anyway, everything's good.

I mean the comments were fair, though I think they have a little misconception here and there, but I do understand that no one's perfect. I make the same mistake like they do too. :)

No one's perfect, I have my flaws and of course, my plus points too. :) I'm really glad I am doing okay. And most important, throughout the 5 months I have been with them, I have improved. I don't know till what degree, but an improvement is an improvement right?

All I need to do now is fix the problems that I have.

I want to go far. I don't want to stay in the same spot forever.

At least my lady principal thinks I'm intelligent and needs just some good tweaking on my problematic side and I will be fine.

Thank god!

Officially done!

And now I can resume to blogging state :P

Thank you everyone for your concern on my performance appraisal, and of course to all who wished me a Happy Birthday! Special thanks to Connie, who sent me an early birthday surprise! ^_^ Love ya girl!

Don't fret for those who haven't, you have time till midnight before it's over! LOL!

Happy birthday to myself!

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