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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sorry For The Neglection

i've been neglecting this blog.

i am feeling a little down lately.

stress and work and everything, my beauty sleep suffered.


anyway, i'm trying to give myself a bit of a slack time during weekends.

i'd go crazy a little in revamping my room or just go shopping or just do some plain old window shopping.

and oh, i do my reviews too. :)

it's fun to know people reads your blog and like them.

i'm made a few friends. they are really nice.

i'm so glad i did this, because it made me feel better.

at least i am in control of what i want to write.

it's my birthday month! yay!

counting down to my actual birthday! :D


Anonymous said...

october 30 -> november 4! 4-5 days without an entry is neglect? :P hah, happy bday in advance :)

心。葵 said...


a little. i spend so much more time and effort on my other blogs :)

thanks for the wish!