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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Does It Matter?

Today's the 6th day in 2009.

I had a short holiday in Sabah, and that's about it. Bloody boring. Can't do much visiting due to time constraint. And I sat in the car for almost 2 hours, going to Semporna only to find out, the shops are closed for the holidays!


Oh well. It doesn't matter now, does it? Since I am back in KL.

Yesterday was pretty amusing. I received such a random comment for a 2007 post I wrote. Click here if you want to know what I wrote. *Click!*

Anonymous said...

hello, I've been reading a lot of your posts and I'm just wondering what your first language is? I believe you mentioned that Chinese isn't your first language... but your English isn't exactly top notch either. I'm pretty sure you're going to be offended judging by your posts... so I apologize in advance and hope you don't take this too hard. I'm just curious.

3:11 PM

And here's my brilliant reply. Okay, not very brilliant actually, but then again, why do I always need to justify what I say and do? Can't people just leave other people alone? It's not a matter of life and death anyway.

心。葵 @ plue said...

Hello Anonymous,

I'm not offended. Ha!

Chinese and English are both my first language. I use both language at home when I speak to different family members, because my parents don't understand Chinese.

I know my English isn't exactly good, but I suppose even if English is the ONLY language I speak, I don't think it necessarily means I have good English, is it?

Anyway, if my first language matters when I write my blog, I think I would be better off being an author than a blogger.

A blog is for me to write what I please, in any way I please. That is why I don't bother much with grammars and whatever is related.

Thanks for the curiosity, and I hope this satisfies it?
3:23 PM

If Chinese is my first language, does it mean my Chinese must be perfect? If English is my first language, does it mean it must be perfect? So do you say the Europeans/ Americans and those who come from English speaking countries, have top notch English? Yeah, they have better English than me, like I care. As long as I am able to express what I think and feel, isn't it more than enough? I don't think my grammar is that bad, but I do make mistakes. Hey, this isn't an exam where I am being marked or judged!

It's good if you don't make grammar mistakes and have really good English, in fact it's a plus point in life! It's totally cool to have perfect language skills, but uh, how many people achieve it anyway?

To say I am completely not offended is WRONG.

Since you have already predicted that I would be offended, why didn't you craft your words better? People can be so weird. :P

Anyway, since you are anonymous, I don't think you would be back here reading anyway. Oh well. I'm not bothered.

I think I should post up my New Year resolution, whether I keep it or not :P


Jad [Alt] Kaizer said...

Didn't know you went for Sabah. :P

I'd agree that it's not a necessity for one to be perfect in their first language.

If that is the case, then everyone's a Shakespeare of their mother tongue, and we don't even need language majors. Say goodbye to English majors and stuff.

And being anonymous is so that someone here can get away with making stupid comments without getting retaliation from others.

And I think whoever that Anonymous is will get to read your post, because :-

"I've been reading a lot of your posts"

2 cents say he or she will read it.

心。葵 @ plue said...

Gah, Kaizer, I no eye see. What they write and say, I want to shut an eye. But still, I get irritated.

Read and let them retaliate. If I want to be proud (pardon me if I use the wrong word, since my english isn't too good), I would say my blog has a good number of readers, no?

Good stats wat! LOL

Anonymous said...

your new year resolution seriously can't make it la prue.

let's do tat effing swear la, good for our health.

roasted chicken wings

心。葵 @ plue said...

RCW, i thought which anonymous you are. :P

lol, no eye see. whether true or not, suan le ba.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, yes I am weird. I admit that I do do retarded things such as posting that comment at times. To be very very honest I did this out of one of my "I'm gonna be an asshole moments". It was stupid and as I said, I'm sorry for making you feel bad.

No, you don't have to be perfect in your first language, but I just thought it was weird that you couldn't even get your past and present tenses correct.

Of course I'll read it. I left a comment and expected a corresponding comment. But, I honestly didn't think that you would react with a new entry. I feel special in an asshole way =D

To be honest that was the best way I could word it. I'm not that brilliant as you can see.

Anyways, no one is perfect of course. I have many many flaws as well. As I already said, I am just curious as to what your first language is. (I was wondering if it was Malaysian or something) Typos are normal but when you keep making the same mistake in the same post it makes me wonder.

I like reading your blog, but it's just kinda hard to follow when your sentences are hard to understand.

Because of your reaction, I'll never leave another comment again. I used to get really offended when I got negative comments when I was younger (I'm 22 too), but now I kinda realized that you can't always accept positive comments only and get upset over the negative ones. Obviously, no one likes negative comments, but then if we never get them, we'll never see our own flaws and never improve. (Ok, I'm not implying that's your mindset if that's what it sounds like.) It's great to be praised but... sometimes you have to get used to other comments too.

I'm not gonna read over what I just typed. So bash all you want whoever is reading this and finds mistakes!

And... because I'm not a complete asshole I'll say something nice in hopes to make you feel super.... dude you have really nice skin. I'd trade one of my fingers for your clear skin. I'm not doing this to make myself look better (since I'm anonymous it doesn't matter anyways), I actually mean it. Please just try not to get offended (because you said you aren't completely not offended... and dude you made a new entry over my comment), because there are people who will post way meaner (word? yah no? whatever) comments than me.

心。葵 @ plue said...


Let's not get upset over bout this kay? I am also having my weird moments, so I think I over reacted. :)

I hardly read over what I type, so I suppose that's where my mistake came in? Ah, my English has never been perfect and I am always too lazy to check my grammars and stuff :)

Thanks for reading my blog and liking it :) I feel nice that someone actually reads it instead of me rambling alone :)

cheers to all the ruckus we both made! LOL!