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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a McD moment

Yesterday I left work early.

Waited in the mall for the bf to come pick me.

I was tired due to lack of sleep for a few weeks starting from Chinese New Year and I have got no mood for shopping. I went for a few rounds of cosmetic and skincare window shopping, trying to get something for myself, but the spirit wasn't there. :( Wonder what's wrong?

Anyway, I got so sick of walking and was a little hungry I walked down to McDonalds.

My favourite fast food chain. :D

I sat down at a not very quiet place which is located quite near the exit and can see people coming in and going out.

As I munch my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, little thoughts flew by.

When I was small, I never had much chance to eat fast food. Fast food was not available in my little town, so the only way to eat it was during the time my family go on a holiday. :D

Usually it's during school breaks where my dad will take us back to Melaka as my grandmother is there. And if we go back to Melaka, we'd stop by in KL first. And that's the time my sisters and I can pester my dad to eat McD, a luxury we don't get often.

We used to have only a sundae cone, which comes in vanilla chocolate flavour. It was known as the Sundae Twist that time, or something like that. People from my age from slightly older would know about this. Sadly, it has been discontinued and replaced by the too bloody sweet Choco Top and the new version of Flavour Twist. :( Why they have to discontinued it?

We hardly get any burgers or anything like that as eating fast food for a family of 5 is rather expensive. And my parents aren't the kind who enjoy much fast food at that time. But now, my dad always bring us to McD whenever we are on our way home to my hometown. Either he's enjoying McD, or he knows we kids love McD. :P

As I grow older, I had more McDs. When I stepped into university, McD was a favourite hang out place, be it with coursemates, friends I knew in the society's I joined or friends. :D The late nights chatting away... Those were the days. :)

McD is still a firm favourite of mine. But something is missing. I just feel weird. I don't know how to explain it, but I have this weird feeling of McD being better in the past. Maybe I have eaten too much McD till all sense of excitement is lost, unlike when I was a kid.

Maybe. Just maybe.

But I still love my McD. :D

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