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Monday, June 08, 2009

ramblings on a blue monday

it's funny how time passes. one thing goes after another, and it's another week already.

i can't understand why time flies. i'll never understand why.

even if i get up at 8am instead of 12pm, i sleep at 12am instead of 10pm, my chores and work and stuff are never gonna finish.


don't tell me the day i die is the day i finish my work.

ohmygod. unbelievable. that can't be true.

i love the days where i don't need to worry bout money or my work. all i need to do is just play my part well. as a student. as a daughter. as a human being.

but now i have to put on extra roles. be the perfect employee. a good girlfriend (which i think i am). a friend. a colleague. in the distant future, a good wife and mother. i guess.

since when is life so complicated for me? the day i left my home? the day i graduated? or the day when i know i can no longer be what i used to be?

some part of what used to be me, left me. perhaps it's better this way. but i kinda miss that part of me. or maybe it got tired, and went to sleep. hoping some day, the owner will remember about them and wake them up from its slumber. but i guess, that day shall never come.

mondays are a bit of a blue day for me. everyone have that too, i suppose.

weekend comes and go. weekdays comes and go too.

what's left?

awaiting for payday. lol.


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