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Sunday, July 26, 2009

7 days of break

am back in KL, after being away for about 7 days.

almost a whole week back at home feels great.

no stress. no worries. no nothing. all i need to do is just be myself and keep myself and dad and sis happy. that's my job.

i brought back the lappie, but you know, i only had it on for 2 hours, and that's it. no more. for almost like a week I did not bother with my online identity or online life, which felt good in a way.

i watched telly and i played my HM: BTN like mad (am so impressed with myself!) and did some reading over the week. i even watched 4 Harry Potter's movie in like 1 sitting and I still haven't watched the 5th. I will need to find time. I honestly don't think spending 2 hours plus in the weekend watching movie is a good idea, weekends are never enough for me when I am working! seriously, a bunch of house chores I need to finish and not to mention my visits to the bookstores for my magazine fix and a little window shopping here and there :P

tomorrow's the 1st day of my new job. oh well, i just hope everything goes well and i will be able to stick to the job for a really really long time. tee hee. :)

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