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Thursday, August 13, 2009


suddenly i realised those that had been close to me for like 2 years ago, all of a sudden disappeared into thin air.

we hardly talk to each other anymore. heck, no phone calls no sms no ym no msn. not even facebook.

i feel a little like, sad. i know i sound weird here, because i have always said friends come and go, and for each different stage in life,you meet new friends, and you hardly retain them.

for my case, this is so true for my primary/secondary school friends. i used to have a super close girl friend which we both love and hate each other as much (lol!) and we used to hang out with each other everyday. we used to chat long time on the phone and we did lotsa fun and weird things together, but now? we drifted apart.

different lifestyle. different uni. different thoughts.

but those were happy moments and i am glad i met firefly. :)

and while i was in uni, i had lotsa really different group of friends.

one was the bunch of people i share a room with and were more of the studious kind, no, they weren't nerds! they were fun and bubbly but homework and studies almost always come first kind. the 2nd bunch was people who were wilder and crazier which wree fun to hang out with, but god, it was hard to keep up the pace. they had a strong dislike for chinese-y slang i had (hello, i am a chinese?) and uh, they tend to judge people a wee bit more than normal? maybe just towards those who acted really ah lian or ah beng i don't know.

3rd bunch was my society friends. those that i know because of the societies I joined. well, ALL of them are a PAST TENSE now because some ridiculous thing they did and i will NEVER FORGIVE them. although i know my current bf through the same society. ah well, i don't refrain him from meeting them, it's his life his friends anyway. there's one guy whom i still keep in touch though. he's a really nice friend. very nice indeed.

4th bunch are those i still keep in touch with. tee hee. ladies whom i met in FOM. haha. crazy bunch and they never fail to amaze me. one will be leaving for UK soon. another to Japan. and the rest scattered all over malaysia.

and now i am working, i also keep in touch with a few ex colleagues. fun people i tell you. genuinely nice people who offer honest advice and help when i needed them. thanks girls.

but i wonder why, sometimes i feel so sad and lonely.

on a even sadder note, i so happen feel like buying those accessories online because it is so pretty and affordable too! but i am on a ban. house moving is really really a money sucker. T_T

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