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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Hatred on Silly Pinky

it's just funny, and a little sad when i think of what am i now.

just some weeks ago, someone asked me why wasn't i out on a saturday night. i told him i wanted some peace and quiet, and night life isn't quite my thing anymore. i rather stay at home, read a book, online, watch tv or just sleep early.

boring life, i heard you. but hm, i guess my age is catching up with me. haha.

oh well, i am pretty much an introvert right now and i enjoy being that.

that day pariah 1 (i know, horrible name) told me someone told her she's socially impaired just because she likes to stay home. I was like WTF!!!!!!! and after chit chatting, we both came to a conclusion, we both are socially impaired. yeah right, by their definition.

but i need to clarify here. just because i accept that statement of yours saying that we don't go out so we are socially impaired, it doesn't mean YOU are right.

hell no!

not at all! read my lips, bitch!

i chose to stay home for a lot of reasons. i don't need to tell you why but i have my reasons. another point is i do go out. please, ask pariah 1 for more details. she knows i attend events (ahem!) and i have lotsa social activities around.

and for pariah 1, it's the same for her! what are you to judge us and say we are socially impaired? PUH LEASE!

any adults with a common sense should understand that. and you call yourself a professional? HELLO? A professional judging people just like that? How silly! And may I add in you are behaving like a child?

Just because you like noises and can't stand of being alone, it doesn't mean everyone else is the same. I think you need some sort of theraphy with a psychiatrist or a psychologist to make sure you are mentally sane, because from the way i see it, you are kinda of a... nearly a wacko now?

i don't know. just my assumptions.

if you think you are almighty, please don't be sucha 2 face, will ya? Everyone knows how fake you are. Maybe some don't. But not that I care.

and honestly, you really don't deserve ANY respect or whatsoever from me. Not that I have given you any in the first place.

last piece from me, since you are so great, do you even need handover documents? You can easily do everything on your own since you are THAT GREAT!

punchline of the year: NOT EVERYBODY LEAVING MA!

bahahahaha! good one pariah 1!

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