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Friday, August 21, 2009

karma. retribution.

all of the sudden, i thought you two were still laughing and giggling over silly matters in the office.

and then it hit me.

pariah 2 no more there.

left only pariah 1.

so no wonder.

like pariah 1 said, the pariahs all pecah belah.

ain't gonna do translation.

since something mother f***ker pinky brain head said my translation was lousy.

duh of course.

compared to someone who has worked in the industry and claim to be so-the-bloody-good for like 1 decade, i am of course nothing but a piece of garbage and trash.

but i know better.

because i believe in karma and retribution.

serves you right.

pity the other party who did not hurt me, but since it's your most precious (maybe not, who knows?), i bloody do hope you stop bad mouthing people or put people down just to make yourself look good.

i really hate you to the core. i totally dislike you, just like how you dislike me.

double it up please on my side.

i wish one day you will find yourself surrounded by people who hates you and even your most precious thinks like that too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

scoot all the hatred la pariah 3. Not good for your health also.