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Monday, August 03, 2009

random missing

i am just so glad for buttercup aka roasted chicken wings aka p1 to be away from hellish hell soon.

even though it's like in 3 weeks time.

i am just happy for her.

though i may not be in the same company as her anymore, or seeing her like 5 days a week or meeting up as frequently as i would like to, but she's still one bubbly girl that i am glad to have met in some point on my life.

i wonder how's p2 doing.

i hope she's doing fine too. i miss our lil ym chat whenever we get scolded by you-know-who. well, not harry's you-know-who, but hm, maybe that person is a descendant of his? =_=

anyway. p1 and p2, p3 here miss you both!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am as bubbly as before!
i have regain my chi sin-ness.

isn hCi?

I is miss u too. It good three pariahs met together and we shall prevail!

roasted chicken wings