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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

rainy monday

there's those morning, when you get out of bed, feeling all crappy.

and it drizzled. cold wind blowing right at your face.

and told yourself.

gee, the day started bad huh?

and you tried to be positive.

30minutes at your desk, comes a phone call.

telling you something needs some fixing or you get it replaced.

bewilderment i am in.

i foresee september wouldn't be too peaceful, and i doubt i will be having the weekends to myself.

heck. quite some plans has been made for september's weekends.

jeez. i'll never get my room done in this pace.

i'll never have a quiet weekend to myself.

or time to even lock myself in the room. just do nothing there.

i want a long quiet vacation. just in my room.

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