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Monday, October 05, 2009

me & u

sometimes i do think.
about us.
we see each other almost everyday.
even the weekends.
the one person i see the most other than my colleagues and bosses is you.
is this even healthy?
i wonder.
do you get sick of seeing me?
i wonder.
do i get sick of seeing you?
i never thought of it, but i think i won't.
even if i don't see you for a bit, i don't miss you badly.
maybe if it's weeks and weeks.
and i get no calls/ sms/ msn/ email/ ym.
then i'll worry.
then i might miss you very very badly.
but you are not suppose to disappear unless i asked you to.
you got no right.
but i do.
i know.
i am a very very bad lady.

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