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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

what to give up

we only have 24 hours a day.

8 hours or more has been given to work.

another 8 or lesser has been given to sleep.

we have another 8 hours (ideally) to ourselves.

and this 8 hours we share with our friends, our family, our pets, hobbies or whatever it is.

the 'really' me time, i guess is pretty much non-existent.

i would give up a few things just for the extra 'me' time.

i would give up on my hobbies. i would stop blogging. i would stop writing bout makeup or doing FOTDs or anything beauty related. i would stop shopping. cut down on meeting friends. cut down on seeing my family (not because i don't love them, it's the travelling that tires me very much) and thank god for no pets.

and still, i think i don't have enough time to savour eye candy yong hwa darling and hyun joong dear. >_<

jeez. what else to cut down?


i know, small fan girl on the loose.


Irene said...

Huh... did I heard that right? Plue would stop shopping? *gasp* :P Lol, if you cut down on all your hobbies you'll get bored fast. But I also wish there's more than 24 hours/day. It prolly still won't be enuf cos I'll just sleep more.

Merry Christmas, dear.

plue said...


didn't expect to see u here :P

but yeah, i wud stop shopping, i think i did for a few times, when i got so tired of the stuff in msia :P

if i have more than 24 hours a day, most prolly like you, it won't be enuff cuz i'll sleep more too! haha!