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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Who's Your BFF?

if you can only pick one best friend out of the gazillion people in this world, who would you pick?

okay. mind effing pinky/ kepo ex boss will ask me this...

How can you just choose without knowing all the gazillion people in this world? Would that be fair? Besides, you make no sense... bla bla bla etc etc etc

Oops. Why am I even thinking about them?


My pick you ask?

I think... no one else...



I am a vain pot and I am my best-est friend!

Didn't you know I don't believe in "we are best friends forever shit?"

You say you don't?

Clearly, you wouldn't want to pick me as the only BFF because I am such a selfish arrogant proud vain snobbish person.

Neither I want to pick you either.

You're too superficial. Too judgmental.

Do you even know who am I?

Who I am really am?


No one but me qualifies as my own BEST FRIEND.


I love monologues!

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