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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i like being like this

sometimes i really don't know what i really want. i mean, i thought i knew but then i don't really know.

i'm lucky my parents never really made me do things i don't want to do (they did, but i was way too stubborn, so they gave up on me?) *shudders*

i wasn't the best-est daughter, cause i got another 2 more which personality wise i think the adults adore them while hating mine, performance wise they are brilliant and over achiever while i am just working like a slave, or whatever it is. hence, i got no place at home.

i think even my uncles and aunts look down on me. i don't seem to care, but i think i do. i loathe them detest them hate them until i don't want to look at them. i think i will not invite them to my wedding. eat shit you people who judge me just cause i am not as brilliant. or maybe i am brilliant, but you idiots couldn't see.

but being such an idiot like me who won't bow down to your standards, i suppose either you love my guts or hate my guts, which i think Asians would hate more than love. haha. i love being a little rebellious cause i ain't gonna bow to you just cause you're older!

older doesn't mean you're wiser.

i've got a very good example which i shall not talk about it here.


where did i get my rebellious streak? maybe it runs in the family.

1 comment:

Vampy said...

haha i like that rebellious attitude tho! :D it's called, attitude :P