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Monday, March 15, 2010

calm-balmy day

more often than not, i wake up in the morning, wishing for the day to be smooth. free of crazy emails, free from weird phone calls, free from angry customers and bosses and suppliers.

i can just do my work peacefully. quietly. enjoy a few laughs with my colleagues. i don't need to cringe the moment the phone ring, the moment i got a new email in.

but this type of calm-balmy day is oh-so-rare.

really. i wish for a calm-balmy day everyday.

1 comment:

@BELLA@ said...

Oh yeah.. I wish my day to be the breezy not-too-sunny day so I can relax more and feel at ease instead of squinting or frowning half of the day and worry if I'll start getting wrinkles before I reach 30.. HAHA.. I'm off topic, I know, sorry! :P