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Monday, May 17, 2010

cleaning up, decluttering, awesome.

feel so much better, cleaning up the blog.

too much junk, lying around.

hated the background, though i love it so much before. maybe i grew out of it, and decided, minimalistic design, is still my best friend. <3

i clean away all the unwanted stuff, went back to the most basic stuff i ever needed. and that's that.

much happier. if only life could be de-cluttered just like this... easy as a pea.

wondering if i should take down twitter and plurk too?

ah, i'll let it be there. decided to reinstall my shoutbox also. so spam all you want.

not that i am that much of an anti-social, oui? maybe in the online world i'm not, in real life... ergh... not sure :)

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Health Nut said...

nice post..thanks..