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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

i became a living robot

sometimes i just don't know what i did to deserve all this crap.

was i that bad as a human to deserve this?

how come idiots get better life than me?

how come those who never ever work hard gets better life than me?

why? why? why?

why is it so unfair?

i do my best, push my hardest and yet you want more.

everyday you are sucking my life out of me.

draining me. physically. emotionally.

why do i have to go through this?

why must i?

don't you know greediness kills everything?

i hate waking up each morning. to get ready for work. and everyday i just wish time goes by faster and it's 6pm. and everyday i wish weekend would come sooner.

i dread the way i live right now. i don't know myself. my passion. my dreams anymore.

what used to be me, left me. right when i step foot into this society.

and i hate that.

so now what?

i became just another living robot.

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