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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it was a gentle breeze

i didn't know him, until last year. and that was when he swept my feet away. i had a feeling that it would never last, and yes, it didn't. i was heartbroken, but then, i moved on because i know there would be better things and better people out the for me.

and it was again last year, i met him. for some reason, he was so similar to the other him. that warm smile. that warmth and kindness in their eyes. it felt so much the same, and i was thinking, did i fell in love with the same guy again? i had my doubts. and i had a feeling that it's going to be another heart breaking session.

but it was so hard to take my eyes off him. he had this vibe. this charisma. they were similar, but weren't quite the same. with him, it's was like spring. gentle spring breeze, fresh yet warm. the world became so colourful. summer never felt the same again. and even if it were to be autumn and then winter, i knew i would be warm and cozy.

with the other him, it was like autumn. a little bit cold, a little bit far away, but there was something about him that made me feel autumn could be warm, instead of chilly. but still, he felt quite far away at times. sometimes he was so detached, that i felt like i didn't know him anymore. and it become the snowy season.

and as time goes by, i found out they were both so different.

i had love the gentle vibe around the other him, always so thoughtful, always so kind, always so calm, in a way he's prince-ly. could someone ever be this perfect? or was it he did because he had to? an image to keep perhaps? am not sure if this is the real him. but somehow, i love the him who is always dorky, who always show the real him and you know that's real because i said so. lol. i'm a scorpio. i trust my 6th sense more than anyone else. :D anyway, he may not be prince-ly, but he felt so much more real than the other him. that he really exist, with his flaws.

was i in for another heartbreak? i think so. but as of now, i love the melting moments i had, going dizzy over his smile, his smirk, his wink and his charismatic performance. i could see he really loved those moments. and i am so glad he did. i only pray for his success and his happiness. there's nothing more rewarding than to see his smile, over and over again.

maybe in time to come, i'll be heart broken. but as long i treasure the moments now, it's enough, isn't it?

for now, i'll just continue to love him.

and no, though i love him but it's hard to swallow the fact about the other woman. sorry, but it's just me.

to the other him, thank you for everything. perhaps someday, i'll be smitten again. but for now, you are taking a backseat. :)

huzzah to the boy who stole my heart completely, just like how joe did. i hope we last as long as me and joe did.


Vampy said...

all the best for the both of u ;)

plue said...

lol, still won't be as best as u n ur oppa lah

keropok face said...

r u dreaming again with your korean princes?

roasted chicken wings

plue said...

ye keropok dreaming again :D