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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i don't care no more

here comes another email from you. this and that. honestly i just want to laugh at it, and say no more. because it is useless doing so. i will just continue doing what i do, and when time is right, it will be me bidding you goodbye.

i don't really know why am i staying, maybe because i hate the change and i am actually comfortable right now. but truth is, i know sooner or later, it's time for me to go. expectations on me are high and i don't think i can live up to it. i never ask for much, just a simple life, is it that difficult to attain?

words. emails. sarcasm. honestly i really don't care anyway. yeah, i am pissed. so what difference does it make? it isn't like by complaining you'll listen and then things will work out. never once it did. so after a bit of thinking, i told myself, i'll just do what i need to do and tune everything else out. i can't be perfect and neither can you be one.

and oh, before telling me i should be doing this doing that changing this and changing that, really, please do go and think about the way you act and talk before telling me what exactly should i do, because that's what you should be doing too.

really, i don't care anyway.

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