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Saturday, October 02, 2010

i'm an anti social, but am i?

i think i am one lucky girl. though i know, in real life, i won't admit it because i am just too proud to say so. so i am a snob, i am proud, but i think i am still am an okay person.

i am lucky, despite being heavily flawed, i have friends. i know, not many, but i think it's enough to last me a lifetime. i don't ask for more, for someone who doesn't put enough effort in making and keeping friends, to have a few, is good enough. at least to me that is.

i enjoy my solitude, i also enjoy people's company, but of course at my whims and fancy. i'll never entertain you if i don't feel that we could click, and i'll never ditch you (if you so happen to be in the list which i consider is a keeper) unless you betrayed me or wronged me.

if you see me being angry, being sarcastic being very human and usually accompanied with temper flying around, congrats, you have made it into my keeper list. if you see me nothing but just another girl who smiles and being very nice and polite, most probably it'll be the same way forever, unless something happens and somehow you went into the keeper's list. but you can be kicked out from the keeper's list, if i find you not befitting. but usually, it's pretty hard to get in rather than to get out.

so bitch, look, i am not an anti social like what you said before. i am just picky with friends. i am not a social butterfly, so i don't really bother with people i know i'll never get along. i prefer to stick to people i know whom i can depend on, is being sincere and honest, rather getting close to a fakey 2 face bitch like you. it waste my time and effort, it even waste my emotions on you, for you will never see my true self because you are so blinded by your own falseness, you can't appreciate flaws that makes each us of human and different from each other.

so bitch, look. thanks for all the bitchiness drama which is pretty enjoyable. but if you got time to bitch, why not just concentrate on your work, maybe even do your own freelance job? afterall, it's what you do best. own job give to the juniors, freelance do it yourself. woah, double income!

bitch. you're such a bitch.


keropok face said...

y u suddenly go think about old times la. we excel pretty well now don't we.

plue said...

ish becuz i suddenly remembered :P