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Saturday, February 05, 2011

2.41am ramblings

As usual, I whine about Chinese New Year.

Never a fan of family gatherings, and the chats that comes along with it. It's not my style and I dislike entertaining people, if I don't feel like it. Whether it's family or not. But most of the time, I had to. Just because I want to please my dad.

Afterall, I can irritate my dad within the next 364 days without guilt! :D

Yes, I am that evil. So sue me.

It's a little quiet this year. Maybe the younger cousins are all growing up. So attached to their laptops/ PSPs/ and whatever tech stuff, they just ignore you. To me, that's okay. Just don't come crying to me wanting to play when I give you a firm no, because I want to watch TV or do my reading. Sorry, I am not your mommy.

At times, I don't mind taking care of the kids, if I feel like it, or if I click with the kids. But most of the times, I would really prefer that they leave me alone. I just don't want to shout at them saying their parents didn't teach them any manners! Really, kids this days, are really really lacking in manners, to the point, I just treat them like adults and see if they like it. They dare to whine about it, giving me lame excuses like "i'm just a kid", I will give them a bloody good lecture and see if they want to talk stupid nonsense to me like that.

Again you kiddo, I am not your mom. Just your older cousin sister. I have no responsibilities to make sure you are happy and not wailing all the time. If you want someone to please you 24/7, please go to your parents. Am bloody sure they would be cursing behind your back and you won't even know it until the day they die. Or maybe when you turn 16.

My dad pleases me, I pleases him. Works both ways. Can't have things going your way all the time. The more you want me to play with you, the more I won't. Because I am idiot just like that. Unless you look awfully cute with a really really nice character, I'll play. :D

Good to know Chinese New Year celebrations in the family is getting more and more quiet, I'm just happy the way it is going now. It's great to see everyone once a year, but let's try not to be too buddy buddy with each other when you know you are not, aye?

Wonder if next year would there be any changes?

For one, I'll be older. Tee hee.

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Panda said...

No cousins disturb me :P