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Monday, November 14, 2011

starting anew. before the year ends.

ever since 4th Nov, my heart gets lighter and lighter. i don't even feel like touching anything anymore, i just want to let it rot, let it die on it's own. i just don't freaking care.

like i have always said, don't care, don't bother, not my problem.

because i have already let go and it's time for others to take over.

be it the stress or the flexibility.

the countdown is so exciting that i actually can wakeup everyday with a smile and tell myself, it's gonna be over soon. so why so gloomy?

my diet plan is running, although it always get sabotage ruined in a way or another. but that's okay, the whole thing is still running!

trying to update the wardrobe. have been too lazy for too long now it's so hard to kick myself in the ass and get new stuff. and the new stuff don't fit me 'cause i was too lazy to move. you get my drift.

moving away from where i am now. to a better location. nearer to rlb/rob. heh.

re-think my whole finance plan because i don't want to end up being poor in my twilight years.

and before the year end hits, i am starting anew.

*fingers crossed*

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